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    Our technology adds value to the second largest seed crop in the world: Canola
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About Us


TEUTEXX is one of the world's leading experts in the field of Rapeseed/Canola protein separation with unrivalled knowledge in transforming laboratory-scale protein extraction processes into industrial-scale production facilities.


TEUTEXX protein technology is the leading technology to produce Rapeseed/Canola protein in commercial-scale; a novel protein source that is functional and nutritionally complete.


Our innovation adds significant value to the food chain by producing a human quality protein from a meal that was previously limited to animal feed.

Our Products

Rapeseed Protein

TEUTEXX patented and proprietary technology allows separating and isolating high value and nutritional proteins, thus adding value to the world’s second largest oil seed crop.

Rapeseed/Canola protein has an excellent amino acid profile, on par with many animal proteins and superior to most vegetable proteins, with more than 100% of the essential amino acids required for both adults and children. Our Rapeseed/Canola proteins are nutritionally complete with Amino Acid scores greater than 1.10(FAO 2007) and are fully digestible.
For more detailed information and specifications, please see our product presentation (pdf, 1.7 MiB).

While anti-nutrients and flavour components previously hindered the use of Canola/Rapeseed protein as a food grade, our technology has successfully overcome these obstacles at commercial scale by decreasing anti-nutrients by as much as 90%, improving nutritional value, flavour, and odour.

The technology is currently focused on two products:

  • Isolexx®
  • Vitalexx®


Isolexx® -- is a protein isolate product of over 90% protein, comprised of undenatured soluble proteins from non-GMO Canola/Rapeseed, that retains the solubility and functionality of the native proteins. This allows Isolexx® to have excellent solubility, strong foaming and emulsification characteristics while also having an excellent nutritional profile. The protein delivers more than 100% of the recommended essential amino acids (WHO/FAO ref. 2007; limiting amino acid:lysine @ 116% of ref.) and is well-digested with a true digestibility of 95%. This allows the protein to be claimed at the full value of PDCAAS of 1.0. Isolexx has FDA GRAS status in the United States and has been declared safe for use by EFSA.

Isolexx® is well suited to a wide variety of applications where soy or whey proteins are traditionally used, such as:

  • Bakery products (bread, cereals, rolls, cakes, cake mixtures, cookies, biscuits, crackers, pancakes, sweet pastry, snacks, doughnuts, and pasta)
  • Meat products (baked meat, hot dogs, and sausage)
  • Vegetarian food products and meat analogues
  • Nutritional and high protein bars, drinks and supplements

Isolexx® possess the character and nutritional value of animal proteins with the sustainability of vegetable proteins using a well-accepted feed stock available worldwide.


Vitalexx® -- is a hydrolyzed protein made from the insoluble fraction of the proteins in the Rapeseed/Canola meal. Vitalexx® is 100% water soluble, forming a completely clear solution across a wide pH range. Vitalexx® is used in a variety of food products including:

  • Nutritional beverages (protein fortified soft drinks, fruit juices, high protein drinks)
  • Healthy food applications to improve absorption and digestibility
  • Nutritional and protein bars

Vitalexx® is a hydrolyzed protein of over 80% purity, with a very low average molecular weight profile and substantial mono and di-amino acid content. This characteristic allows full digestion and absorption. Like the Isolexx® product, it has an excellent amino acid profile, with117% of all essential amino acids compared to the reference protein recommended by the WHO/FAO (2007). The true digestibility of Vitalexx® is 98%. The protein is easily metabolized and biologically available with a PDCAAS of over 1.0. The hydrolysis process lowers prospective risk of immunological response making it more appropriate for sensitive immune systems.


Sustainability issues and sustainable products are evolving to become more than a passing marketing fad. Consumers are actively seeking out responsibly sourced products. For many consumers, the presence of a Fairtrade, Non-GMO or similar seal is becoming a key purchasing driver.

Our technology focuses on process sustainability limiting the impact on the environment through minimizing carbon emissions, as well as land and water use, within an economic framework that facilitates corporate growth and profitability.


As the global population continues to increase and diets in developing countries incorporate higher levels of protein, we are faced with an ever growing concern in protein availability. Traditional sources have been mainly animal-based (beef, pork, cheese, eggs, etc.) and it is unlikely that these sources will accommodate the world’s growing needs.

Food supply constraints are increasing due to urban development of arable land and alternate uses of crops for bio-fuel. This results in an alarming imbalance between over-demand and under-supply.

There is also an increased consumer focus on natural and organic products, combined with a strong trend toward plant-based proteins as a substitute for animal sources, which has made it even more crucial to consider the implications of processing technologies.

The European protein ingredient market is currently the world’s largest, at an average turnover of USD 8 billion and growing at 6% per year. Asian and US markets are growing even faster.

Nutrition Market

Our patented and proprietary technology has unlocked Rapeseed/Canola as another source of high quality plant protein for human consumption. The introduction of commercial Canola/Rapeseed Protein Isolates marks a new era for the vegetable protein global market, with applications ranging from baked goods, sport-drink, general food use to clinical and advanced adult therapeutic nutrition and ultimately to child and infant foods.

  • Sports Nutrition

    Sports nutrition is rapidly growing as consumers seek options to improve their overall health. From protein bars to drinks, Sports nutrition products help the body maintain, repair and build muscle.

  • Pediatric Nutrition

    Child and Infant nutrition requires the highest level of confidence in safety of the protein both from a nutritional and immunological perspective.

  • Adult/Therapeutic Nutrition

    Nutritional requirements change substantially as one ages: elevated needs for protein and nutrients coincide with declining appetite. The excellent amino acid profile of Canola/Rapeseed can help maintain the protein balance and sustain health.

  • A key part of food formulations

    Our Rapeseed/Canola protein has high functionality due to its un-denatured character, which makes it valuable for use in food formulations such as bakery, emulsions, foaming and meat applications to extend and builds structure as well as nutritional value.

  • Specialized Markets

    Our Rapeseed/Canola proteins are also appropriate for vegan, gluten-free and lactose intolerant markets. Vegetable protein isolates are commonly used for their nutritive value and to replace animal proteins omitted from the diet.